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The U.S. Postal Service® and its partners in Areas Inspiring Mail (AIM), the Postal Customer Councils (PCCs), and the Mailers’ Technical Advisory Council (MTAC) are working to provide college students with mentorship and real-world experience in the printing and mailing industry.  

Together, we can help educate, prepare, and retain the next generation of top-quality talent for the future. Show your interest in participating by completing the form below.

The Postal Customer Council (PCC), Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) and Areas Inspiring Mail (AIM) are joining forces to create a new educational and networking opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow.

We are building a program that will give people an opportunity to meet seasoned professionals in every aspect of the printing, shipping, and mailing business to grow personally and professionally. We will also work with the Direct Effect® academic outreach program to connect with students for networking and mentorship opportunities. The industry and the US Postal Service® are excited to work together to strengthen and connect today’s leadership with tomorrow’s leaders through this new program.

  • Engage with recent graduates looking for employment opportunities.
  • Retain existing talent and and develop strong future colleagues.
  • Connect with potential interns.
  • Give back by sharing your personal and professional experiences with people exploring or just joining our industry.
  • Introduce the younger generation to our industry associations.
  • Build the leaders of tomorrow, for your own business and for the health of the industry.
  • Support Direct Effect’s outreach to students, faculty, colleges, and universities nationwide.
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  • Meet seasoned professionals in the shipping and mailing industry who can share their experience and provide career guidance.
  • Join an industry that is transforming itself with data, technology, and a complete network redesign.
  • Learn firsthand how mail and shipping integrate with digital marketing and other media channels to achieve results.
  • Gain access to companies and associations that span every part of the mail and shipping supply chain and offer great employment opportunities.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest news and opportunities in the industry.
  • Access educational sessions to increase your knowledge and skills and further your career.
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